The “it” conversation in franchising is all about, “How do I get the brokers to sell more of my franchises.”

Franchisors are banging their heads on walls, desks and FDDs trying to figure out the new secret to getting deals through the broker networks (* apologies to those who call themselves consultants, coaches, or tour guides -- you are still a broker). Yet, many franchisors are missing some of the important basics of deal building:

Relationships: Cultivate and build them.
Tools/Brand Resources: These folks are not in your brand. They don’t know your secrets. Give them the tools to present your brand amazingly.
(a) Two-Minute Drill
(b) Videos on why you/why now
(c) Brand assets
To win the war of growth, you have to arm your troops with the best franchise weapons. In this case, the truths that elevate your brand.

If you are not getting the deal traction you desire, perhaps it’s time to evaluate your tool kit and give your outside team a refreshed weapon to tell your brand story. Add it to the to-do list.


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